Enjoy the range of fun possibilities that Puerto del Carmen offers: kayaking, parasailing, paragliding, hang gliding, water skiing or pleasure boats, among others, will add an unforgettable memory to your vacation.

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If you don’t have vertigo and you know how to swim perfectly, don’t hesitate and try it. Enjoy a contemplative and adrenaline-charged journey from a height of 200 meters, secured with a harness, hanging from a balloon and pulled by a speedboat. Alone or in tandem, as you prefer. Perfect for lovers of strong emotions.

Paragliding, hang gliding or ultralight flight

Tinasoria Mountain.

Motorcycle and water ski

Some nautical entertainment can turn a day at the beach into an energy-releasing and tremendously fun experience. The ‘bananas’ are inflatable elements with capacity for 12 people; ideal for turning the waves into a collective challenge. The jet sky is also as safe as it is entertaining and the jet skis will fill your vacations with fun.


A light boat with which you can see up close the nooks and crannies of the Lanzarote coast. These polyethylene canoes are highly recommended for sailing calm waters, rowing and taking a dip in a secluded cove.