Puerto del Carmen is the perfect place to practice diving for the first time or perfect the technique of diving in open waters, since, in addition to offering the ideal technical and climatic conditions, you will enjoy underwater landscapes that are authentic ecological treasures.

Recommended dives

The immersion zone is located within the temperate areas of the Tropic of Cancer and is protected by the particular weather conditions that result from the clash between the high-temperature Saharan currents and the current of the Gulf of Mexico, one of the largest aquatic flows on a global scale. world. The temperature of the water on the coast ranges between 17º and 24º on the surface, which makes diving extremely pleasant.

Off the coast of Puerto del Carmen, there is a submerged cliff three kilometers deep, a gigantic vertical wall with the advantage that many diving areas are reachable from land. Some of the most outstanding dive sites are La Catedral, a cavity that goes into the cliff forming a great volcanic vault of majestic dimensions; the Orange Coral, full of this organism and/or the volcanic lava tunnel known as the Blue Hole, which houses several caves and is covered in vegetation, or discover the frames of sunken wrecks.

The Veril of the Tiñosa

Under the calm and warm waters of Playa Chica hides the treasure of Puerto del Carmen: El Veril de la Tiñosa, one of the most spectacular seabeds in Europe, much appreciated by diving professionals and whose uniqueness and richness have distinguished it with the declaration of a Special Conservation Area of the Natura 2000 Network.

The Playa Chica not only arouses interest in the Veril, it also hides other places worth visiting such as the Cueva de las Gambas or the Pila de la Barrilla.

The Cueva de las Gambas gives shelter to swarms of narwhal shrimp, more commonly known as shrimp and groupers that stalk the shrimp that hide in the dark and do not hesitate to pounce on them when they become visible to them by light.

In this cave lives the best-known character of Puerto del Carmen and a great friend of divers, the Mero Félix, who with surprising measurements and weighing about 50 kilos has become the most sought after fish by divers. A friend of those who visit him, he shows his most tender side by allowing himself to be photographed with his best smile.

The name of Pila de la Barrilla, comes from its usefulness for the locals when they took advantage of the sharp rocks in the area to crush the barilla, a plant used to make soap and obtain soda in the second half of the s. XVIII. You can access this beach from Bajamar street or from Harimaguada street.


Ritchie’s Place
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Playa Chica (Night)
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Cave of the Prawns of Quíquere
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