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    July - Grand Festival of Kites

    July - Grand Festival of KitesDo not miss this fantastic aerial display of kites. As well as the spectacular displays there will be workshops, kite decorating, music and lots more, great fun and entertainment for all ages. Read more

    10th-12th July
    Lanzarote Summer Music Festival

    10th-12th July<br>Lanzarote Summer Music FestivalAll the entertainment and party life moves to the Plaza de las Naciones on the 10th, 11th and 12th July with over 20 hours of live music near to the beach. Read more

    18th-19th July
    Lanzarote Pride Festival

    18th-19th July<br>Lanzarote Pride FestivalThis festival guarantees a show, with Drag Queens and cross-dressers which fill the Avenida de las Playas with colour and music. Read more

    1st-10th August
    Fiestas del Carmen

    1st-10th August<br>Fiestas del CarmenA traditional holiday of Nuestra Señora del Carmen which is held in the village of Tiñosa. The event includes festivities and tradition with amusement for children, shows, traditional food and drink stalls, a sea and land procession in honour of the Virgin of Carmen. Read more

    27th-28th September
    Feria Enogastronómica de la Tapa

    27th-28th September<br>Feria Enogastronómica de la Tapa This culinary fair brings you exquisite cuisine, cheese and broths from Lanzarote in the Plaza del Varadero. Read more

    23rd-26th October
    Oktoberfest- Beer Festival

    23rd-26th October<br>Oktoberfest- Beer FestivalExperience the authentic Beer festival in the Plaza de las Naciones de Puerto del Carmen. Read more

    14th February
    Valentine’s Day in Puerto del Carmen

    14th February<br>Valentine’s Day in Puerto del CarmenCelebrate Valentine’s Day in Puerto del Carmen with romantic music and more surprises on the Avenida de Las Playas. Puerto del Carmen has reserved a special corner of love for you to leave your love story firmly anchored to this unique destination. Read more

    Happy St. George's day

    Happy St. George's dayOn April 26th we will celebrate in Puerto del Carmen St George´s Day. From 3:00pm to 10:00pm in the Comercial Center “Montaña Tropical” we will be holding a big party with performances by differents bands. Read more

    19th – 22th Febrery

    19th – 22th Febrery<br>Carnival This year’s Carnival in Puerto del Carmen is all about Africa. A colourful and joyful event with hundreds of costumes and big floats which will entertain both the younger and older generations. Programación Carnaval 2014[EN-DE] Read more

    1st March
    Music Marathon

    1st March<br>Music MarathonTake part in the funniest marathon of Lanzarote. On the 1st March, the Avenida de las Playas becomes the best musical and sportive scenario for all ages. You can run, skate, come in a wheelchair etc. whilst being entertained along the way with live music from the island’s best Read more

    17th March
    Saint Patrick’s Day

    17th March<br>Saint Patrick’s DayOn the 17th March we celebrate Saint Patrick’s day, the patron saint of Ireland. This party is celebrated in style, with Irish music, typical beer, and the colour green covering the streets in Puerto del Carmen. Enjoy a party where the Irish, residents and tourists come Read more