Enjoy Puerto del Carmen’s endless list of fun things to do with a broad range of leisure activities: kayaking, parasailing, water skiing, banana surfing, boat rides and much more, to make your holiday here unforgettable.


Take out one of these small boats to explore the nooks and crannies of Lanzarote’s coastline. These polythene canoes are a great way to sail calm waters, practice rowing and take a swim in hidden coves.

Water bikes and water skiing

Some sea activities can turn a day at the beach into a fun-packed, adrenaline-pumping experience. “Bananas” are inflatable boats to seat twelve people. Riding on one of these, you’ll soon find that the waves become a group challenge. Jet skiing is as safe as it is fun, and water bikes will be sure to provide your holiday with a touch of thrill.


If you are undeterred by heights and a confident swimmer, don’t think twice about trying this activity. A breathtaking journey full of adrenaline, hanging from a balloon at a height of 650 feet and being swept along by a speedboat, all in the safety of a harness, of course. Try it alone or in twos – the choice is yours! Perfect for adventurers with a thirst for excitement.