Seventeenth edition where the frisbee was the main protagonist in the Great Beach of Puerto del Carmen during a weekend in November.

The Mubidisk Ultimate Lanzarote sports club organized, as it has been doing periodically since 2003, a new edition of its international CFC tournament, in collaboration with the City Council of Tías.

A tournament composed of 24 teams; More than 350 players from more than 20 different nationalities who gathered in Puerto del Carmen to play the Ultimate Beach Frisbee sport.

The City Council of Tías has been betting for years to promote this event, which thanks to the tenacity of the organizers has become the best European Ultimate Beach Frisbee tournament.

On the day of Sunday, the last rounds of the tournament were played, where there were two Spanish teams in the semifinals, as well as a Portuguese team and an American team; finally the victory was taken by the Spanish team to the San Francisco team in a very tight and entertaining final for the public.

A new success of the Mubidisk team as organizers, that thanks to their good work and the passion they feel for this sport, make the participants already eager to return to Lanzarote and dispute what will be the eighteenth edition of the tournament.

The final classification of the tournament was as follows:

1- La Mixta

2- Fog City

3- Bufa

4- Wind´s Roses

5- Team Marmot

6- Tomorrow

7- Randale

8- Bravas

9- Jogo Bonito

10- Woodiws

11- Comic Sand

12- Fresh Lobster

13- Sandmade

14- Ultimate Lovers

15- Backpack Magnum

16- Move Up

17- High Maintenance

18- Flying dogs

19- La Familia

20- White Sands

21- Arepita

22- No Limit

23- Northern Lights

24- Göttinger 7