The machines installed on the promenade, next to the beach, allow the practice of activities from wheelchairs
The center of Tías will have a special one for people with reduced mobility that will go inside the Ecopark, next to the Residence for the Elderly

The municipality of Tías becomes the island of Lanzarote the first to have an outdoor gym where the facilities are entirely suitable for people with disabilities. Since last weekend the main tourist area of ​​Lanzarote, Puerto del Carmen, has an ideal machinery circuit and adapted for people in wheelchairs.

The mayor of Tías, Pancho Hernández, stressed that this initiative is part of making Puerto del Carmen an accessible tourist destination. Next to the recent adaptation of the Playa Grande de Puerto del Carmen in accessible, with ramps, adapted showers and even a solarium for people with disabilities, with an investment of 250,000 euros, now the Town Hall of Tías has installed in the area of ​​the Beach de los Pocillos, next to the Plaza de las Naciones this biosaludables circuit where people with disabilities can practice outdoor sports activities and exercises.

Disabled people can practice a large number of outdoor sports and other specific activities, both physical and mental, or that combine both outdoor aspects, thus benefiting from all the positive things involved in the practice of these adapted to their level and degree of disability.

The outdoor circuit is located on the Paseo Marítimo, on the beach of Los Pocillos, in Puerto del Carmen. In the area, the Park and Gardens area of ​​the City of Tías has also recently set up another biosaludable park for people without physical limitations. The parking area closest to this outdoor gym for people with disabilities, on Avenida de las Playas, includes spaces for vehicles of people with reduced mobility or the parking card for motor vehicles for people who have officially recognized the condition of Person with Disability.

Aunts bet on facilities that break barriers to disability

The popular mayor of Tías, Pancho Hernández, stressed that the planning of these facilities with the new sports park that has machinery and facilities adapted to people in wheelchairs or other physical disabilities, the City Council seeks to break the ‘barriers’ that until now they have on the island of Lanzarote, both residents and visitors, for the practice of physical exercises people with disabilities. Having the same opportunities to practice sports means making a municipality and an island without barriers possible, said Pancho Hernández.

In addition to this outdoor gym in Puerto del Carmen, the City Council of Tías plans to provide similar facilities with an area of ​​the new Urban Ecopark that will be built in Lanzarote, next to the Tías Institute, which will be put out to tender this summer. These recreational facilities will be built on a large municipally owned urban plot next to the Tías Secondary Education Institute and the Amma Residence Hall. Among the different parks and sports facilities, one of the areas will be dedicated to people with reduced mobility.