Don’t miss

  •   – Following the Wine Trail
  •   – A trip up to the Ermita de la Magdalena chapel.
  •   – Savouring some exquisite grilled meat at Teleclub.

The beautiful, modest and quiet village of Masdache is set against the backdrop of a unique farmland, made up of nearly 5000 acres of land covered in volcanic ash, known as La Geria. Here, grapevines are grown in holes in the ground and sheltered from the wind by small stone walls. The entire wine-making process is done by hand, from building the walls to harvesting the grapes. And, as if to add to its already singular surroundings, Los Volcanes National Park is visible in the distance. It may be bathed in sunlight, but don’t be fooled and make sure you wrap up – in 1995, Masdache recorded the lowest temperature in the island’s history: Just 1 °C!

The Vega de Yuco winery is located at the top of the Camino del Cabezo path. Its small botanical garden offers an unbeatable view of the village. In addition to its white and red wines, Vega de Yuco’s liqueurs are well worth trying. Masdache holds the secret of a home-made blackberry liqueur and other lovely flavours, such as coffee or goat’s milk. The winery of Bodegas Martinón is located at the end of a crossroads and, like Vega de Yuco, it is a young winery that is devoted to the land and committed to quality and modernity. We highly recommend a visit to both establishments, where you can taste their produce and feel the overwhelming sense of calm in the air.