Lanzarote is magical. There are a huge variety of tourist attractions that you simply cannot miss if you want to feel the true beauty of this land and become enriched along the way.

Seven are the key cultural attractions spread out over the island, each more appealing than the next. They are known as the Artistic, Cultural and Tourist Centres of Lanzarote’s Regional Council. A mixture of landmarks, traditions and natural phenomena that never fail to amaze, these Centres all bear the unmistakable mark of the brilliant artist César Manrique. Regarding this artist, part of his work and history are on display at Fundación César Manrique, a building that was once his home and where he devoted his last few days to preparing what today is a unique space for culture and art.

Starting in the north of the island, “Los Jameos del Agua” and “La Cueva de los Verdes” are two volcanic formations that house the most exquisite expressions of art against a backdrop of colour and textures. Next on the cultural trail, in the northernmost part of the island, stands the “Mirador del Río”. This lookout point constructed by César Manrique offers privileged views over the Chinito Archipelago.

Heading inevitably south towards a milder climate we come to one of the world’s most breathtaking routes: a visit to the “Fire Mountains”. Timanfaya National Park is a monument to the volcanic immensity that arose from within the island. But there is still more to discover. And so we move on to the “Monumento al Campesino” (literally, Monument to the Peasant), an unmissable journey to the past of a people who managed to reap riches from an arid soil; and then on to the unrivalled agriculture and flora of “El Jardín de Cactus” (Cactus Garden) and the vineyards of “La Geria”. Lastly, the “Castle of San José” is a distant reminder of a history of conquests. Its halls house pieces of modern artwork that bring us back to the present, something that is easily forgotten while roaming the historic island of Lanzarote.

If you’re a lover of literature, don’t miss the J. Saramago Museum-House. The writer, a Nobel Prize Winner, chose to settle in Lanzarote and left us a literary legacy that is now open to visitors with a thirst for culture.

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