Grapevine growing in Lanzarote follows a unique method, preserving the original features of a process that enables its scorched, barren land to produce a generous, fine wine.This wine is born from lava and has the strength of a volcano, as it is cradled under ashes that treasure every invaluable dew drop. This is vital in a land with so few natural sources of water. And so we invite you to visit La Geria. Here, you will witness the century-old technique that bears fruit to the excellent grapes that are then used to elaborate Lanzarote’s wines.

The wineries of Castillo de Guanapay, Martinón, Vega de Yuco and Volcano belong to the municipality of Tías. Visit any of them to discover first-hand what growing these precious grapes involves: the battle against the wind and the fight to preserve moisture. Each of these wineries will welcome you and be happy to offer you a taste of the delicious brews made in the area. A must for wine lovers.