Emergency telephone numbers
    •  National Police 091
    •  Local Police 092
    •  Emergencies112
    •  Tias Health Centre 928 524 240
    • Puerto del Carmen Clinic 928 512 711
    • Gender-based violence helpline 016
    •  General Hospital 928 59 50 00
    •  Maritime Rescue 900 202 202
Means of Transport


There are several taxis and taxi stops at strategic points (the Avenida de las Playas in Puerto del Carmen, el Varadero, la Avenida Central de Tías, etc.).
 928524220 / 928833265 / 928833073.


Bus lines 2, 3, 24 and 25 pass every 20 minutes, connecting Puerto del Carmen with Arrecife (every thirty minutes on Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays). There are also buses to Costa Teguise (line 3), Teguise market on Sunday’s (line 12), Puerto Calero (line 24), Playa Blanca (line 61) and Tías (line 34). There are bus stops along the Avenida de las Playas and at the Biosfera Plaza Shopping Centre.

For further information: 928 811 522.

Car rental

Car rental companies can be found at the arrivals terminal in Guacimeta Airport. Travelling by car is the most comfortable mean of transport in Lanzarote. The prices range between €14 and €50 per day.

Local time

Remember to change the time on your watch and electronic devices when you land. The Canary Islands is an hour behind Spain, in the Greenwich Meridian Time zone (GMT). In April and October, it changes to GMT+1.

Water and Electricity

Tap water comes from a desalination system and is drinkable, although its taste is not very pleasant. There are a wide array of bottled mineral spring waters. The electric voltage is 220V, with a frequency of 50 Hz. There aren’t any problems with C, E and L type plugs.

Local dialect

The island’s inhabitants tend to speak in a more formal manner, in comparison to speakers on mainland Spain. You will hear and read many typical Canarian words on the menus.

    • Guagua: bus.
    • Chacho: young lad.
    • Chinijo: child.
    • Jable: sand.
    • Gaveta: wardrobe.
    • Burgao: sea snails.
    • Queque: cake.
    • Falúa: small vessel
    • Jarea: dried and salted fish.
    • Piña de millo: corn starch
    • Choco: cuttlefish
    • Guelde: fried fish.
    • Hierbahuerto: spearmint
    • Ñoh!: typical exclamation of surprise
    • Tollo: a strip of dried shark.
    • Voladores: Fireworks
Opening Hours

The area is always buzzing as a result of the long opening hours at Puerto del Carmen and the Biosfera Plaza Shopping Centre, which is even open on Saturdays and Sundays. There are two sales periods: winter (January to March) and summer (June to September). The Canary Islands are no longer a duty-free port. However, they have great prices in cosmetics, perfumes and some electronic devices. If you encounter any problem with an establishment, you can ask for a complaint form, or, go to the Tourism Office or the Information for Consumers Office in Cabildo de Lanzarote
 928 803 367.

The Weather

Windguru is one of the best websites for surfers that predicts the direction of the wind and waves for the upcoming days. It is also used to measure how many sun rays you will be able to enjoy. La Calima is a meteorological phenomena which brings dust particles from Africa. This sand “invasion” from the Sahara desert lasts about two or three days. During this period, we recommend drinking plenty of water and not going out if you have any breathing problems.

Recycling and green points

The recycling system is as follows: green for general waste, blue for paper and cardboard, yellow for plastic and packages and igloos for glass. If you plan on a long stay, there are oil, battery and domestic waste recycling points on carretera Tías- Puerto del Carmen, in front of the Golf Course.
 Opening Hours: Mon- Sat, from 8.00 to 18.00. Sundays and Bank Holidays are closed.

    • Over 40% of Lanzarote is protected by the European Union as a result of its environmental and/or ethnic values.
    • In 1969, Werner Herzog filmed the “Even Dwarfs started small”. A story about rebellious acts at a reform school. It was filmed at the Tegoya house. Today, the island hosts many cinema and publicity shootings, thanks to its extraordinary landscape and good climate.