Puerto del Carmen, sitúate in the south-east of the island and at only 10 minutes from the international airport, is the man touristic area of Lanzarote. It was a small marine village that has become one of the best favourite tourist destinations of the Canaries. Everything started in the 60s  with the construction of the Hotel Fariones and the Hotel San Antonio. Both changed the future of the area. The name of the village honours the Virgen del Carmen (our lady of Carmen), the patron  saint of sailors. The Feast day of Virgen del Carmen is celebrated with a maritime procession, people get on board the virgin and sail along the coast.

The main reason that makes Puerto del Carmen popular is due to its more than 6 kilometres of beaches that border its coast, its tranquil waters and the mild and grateful natural surround that has created. Along the coast is Las Playas Avenue, a wide promenade where in one side we find different touristic services like shops, cafes, restaurants, pubs and leisure centres, and in the other side there are kilometres of peaceful beaches.

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If you are looking for idyllic holidays, we invite you to discover a place where you will find more than an exceptional weather and an unique environment. It has a varied range of complementary servicies that guarantee you the best on your holidays. Rest, relax, services, unique landscapes, beaches, good weather, sport, enjoy leisure time, identity and traditions…etc. Puerto del Carmen is the coast of the municipality of Tías, one of the seven municipalities of the island. A village with history, built by the implacable nature, the situation and the volcanic origins of Lanzarote. All the villages: Conil, Mácher, La Asomada, Masdache, La Geria and Tías shows the identity of the inhabitants of the island, their rich and difficult history, their traditions, beliefs, their way of life, their past and their legend.


Puerto del Carmen is sitúate along the coast of the municipality of Tías. It is the main tourist place of the island. It has a population of about 21000 people. The municipality of Tías is situated 12 kilometres from Arrecife, the capital of the island. The municipality is in the southern slope of the centre of  the island. Its land covers every volcanic serie defined to Lanzarote, with an extension of 64.61 square kilometres and a perimeter of 37.719 kilometres of which limits are: in the north, Tina, following the exiting volcanoes of Juan bello and Peña Paloma; in the south, the Atlantic Ocean, in the east, San Bartolomé, from Juan bello mountain to Guacimeta, and in the west, Yaiza, that from Peña Paloma get the peak go Guardilama and end in the sea along the Pila ravine.