Seventeenth edition where the frisbee was the main protagonist in the Great Beach of Puerto del Carmen during a weekend in November.

The Mubidisk Ultimate Lanzarote sports club organized, as it has been doing periodically since 2003, a new edition of its international CFC tournament, in collaboration with the City Council of Tías.

A tournament composed of 24 teams; More than 350 players from more than 20 different nationalities who gathered in Puerto del Carmen to play the Ultimate Beach Frisbee sport.

The City Council of Tías has been betting for years to promote this event, which thanks to the tenacity of the organizers has become the best European Ultimate Beach Frisbee tournament.

On the day of Sunday, the last rounds of the tournament were played, where there were two Spanish teams in the semifinals, as well as a Portuguese team and an American team; finally the victory was taken by the Spanish team to the San Francisco team in a very tight and entertaining final for the public.

A new success of the Mubidisk team as organizers, that thanks to their good work and the passion they feel for this sport, make the participants already eager to return to Lanzarote and dispute what will be the eighteenth edition of the tournament.

The final classification of the tournament was as follows:

1- La Mixta

2- Fog City

3- Bufa

4- Wind´s Roses

5- Team Marmot

6- Tomorrow

7- Randale

8- Bravas

9- Jogo Bonito

10- Woodiws

11- Comic Sand

12- Fresh Lobster

13- Sandmade

14- Ultimate Lovers

15- Backpack Magnum

16- Move Up

17- High Maintenance

18- Flying dogs

19- La Familia

20- White Sands

21- Arepita

22- No Limit

23- Northern Lights

24- Göttinger 7

On the 31st the terror arrives in the municipality with a complete program in the anchorage from 7:30 p.m.

The ‘Finaos’ Night is celebrated in the square of the church of San Antonio on Saturday from 7:30 p.m. with chestnut roasting

The municipality of Tías prepares to go out on Thursday and Saturday nights with the aim of celebrating the Night of Terror in Puerto del Carmen on October 31 and the Night of the ‘Finaos’ in Tías on November 2 , day of the Dead.

The government group of the City Council encourages the population to participate in the scheduled events, which provide an opportunity to have fun with both the new festive events and traditions linked to the popular culture of the archipelago.

The Department of Youth, managed by Christopher Notario, wishes to encourage the children and youth of the municipality to enjoy a night full of activities in the Civic Center El Fondeadero, in Puerto del Carmen, starting at 7:30 p.m. The program includes Circus of Terror, Passage of Fear, the Yoslan magician, mats and workshops.

The Department of Culture, managed by Pepa González, has organized the celebration of the ‘Finaos’ Night on Saturday, starting at 7:30 p.m., in the Plaza de la Iglesia de San Antonio, in Tías. Roasted chestnuts will be offered and there will be a tasting of nuts, sweet wine and spirits. In addition, about thirty members of the School of Music of Tías will perform and a documentary about this popular Canarian festival will be screened.

The Tourism area presented its strategic plan today at an event that was also attended by the counselor of the CACT, Juan Félix Eugenio, the director of the SPEL, Héctor Fernández, and the president of the Tourist Federation of Lanzarote, Susana Pérez

The mayor of Tías, José Juan Cruz, and the Councilor for Tourism and Beaches, Mame Fernández, said that “all together, government and business sector, we will reposition our destiny in the market

The Tourism team of the City of Tías today starred in the official presentation of its department before the business sector of Lanzarote with an explanation of the strategic plan for the coming years based on four axes: Sustainability, Accessibility, Gastronomy and Sports, and with the presentation of the new design of the website

The event, which was held at the Lava Beach Hotel, was chaired by the Mayor, José Juan Cruz, and by the first Deputy Mayor and Councilor for Tourism and Beaches, Mame Fernández, who excused the second Deputy Mayor, Nicolás Saavedra. The government group thanked the work of the Tourism technical team: Ani Ruiz, Pedro Rodríguez and Domingo Lorenzo.

The event was attended by a broad representation of the Tourist Federation of Lanzarote, headed by Susana Pérez, as well as the counselor of the Centers of Art, Culture and Tourism (CACT) of the Island Council of Lanzarote, Juan Félix Eugenio and the director of the Society of Lanzarote Foreign Promotion (SPEL), Héctor Fernández, among others.

José Juan Cruz stressed in his speech that this act “is a declaration of intentions, affectionate and close, to continue working hand in hand with the tourism sector and increase the quality of life of all citizens.” He also referred to the necessary coexistence of the tourism industry and the protection of the territory.

The Councilor for Tourism and Beaches, Mame Fernández, said for his part that “we want to put nice Puerto del Carmen.” “We are already working on everything that takes the view, on the pavement and in the street lamps, but we want to go further, we want to do a face lift to reposition the Puerto del Carmen tourist destination and the municipality of Tías. The doors of the City Council are open to collaborate and help us, ”he added.

José Juan Cruz and Mame Fernández stressed that “all together, government and business sector, we will reposition our destiny in the market.”

Strategic plan.- From the Tourism area, Domingo Lorenzo explained the strategic plan of the corporation for the next four years by inviting the different actors in the sector to transfer their own proposals to the City Council with the aim of achieving a joint and consensual work.

The four lines of work of the aforementioned plan are Sustainable Development, Accessibility, Gastronomy and Sports. According to Lorenzo, “these initiatives and proposals that I detail are not of mouthpiece, they represent a real signal to the markets that Puerto del Carmen and the municipality of Tías is a destination that compensates for the carbon footprint that has led to its transfer to the island” . “We will take concrete measures to make this issue less and less,” he added.

Among the numerous measures mentioned, the III Modernization Plan of Puerto del Carmen stands out under sustainable criteria, the Mobility Plan of the municipality of Tías as a strategic document for collective displacements, Tías as a tourist destination without single-use plastics and Tías, headquarters of the Canary Observatory of Climate Change.

In addition, the City Council is already working on an Accessibility Plan to eliminate architectural barriers, is driving the reopening of the School Restaurant in El Fondeadero with activation of the primary sector and local production, preferably ecological; and is making efforts that provide Puerto del Carmen with sports facilities to train at the highest level, among other actions.

Everyone thanked the management of the Hibiscus group for their availability to make this presentation at the Lava Beach hotel, which, in the words of Mame Fernández, “has new and modern facilities and is a clear example of how to face the future.” The councilor thanked in turn the presence in the act of representatives of Civil Protection and Local Police of Tías.