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The best way to discover the more than 300 volcanic craters, lava fields and caves that adorn the local countryside is on foot. You’ll find plenty of variety on over 20 footpaths of low to medium difficulty that meander through the diverse vegetation of the Famara mountain range (670 m – 2200 ft high) or the solitary slopes of the Ajache mountains. It is wonderful to see how plants, animals and people have managed to adapt and breathe life into an area marked by such harsh conditions. From Puerto del Carmen and Tías you can reach the area of La Geria, where signalled footpaths will guide you through a land of vineyards. From here, you can take a trip to discover the lunar landscape of Los Volcanes National Park and the origins of the volcanic eruptions in the 18th century.

The best routes

Visit the open Wikiloc platform to find the best routes through the great outdoors, on foot and by bicycle. You’ll also find plenty of other activities that are going on in Puerto del Carmen. Because the platform is open, the paths and trails are suggested by experienced users, so they’re guaranteed to be the most enjoyable.

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