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Recommended Places to Dive

Puerto del Carmen is the perfect spot to experience diving for the first time or to perfect your technique in open waters. As well as boasting the ideal technical and weather conditions, its underwater views are considered an ecological treasure. The area is located within the mild ranges of the Tropic of Cancer and is also protected by its own special weather conditions, brought about by the clash between the scorching Saharan currents and the influence of the Gulf of Mexico, one of the world’s major underwater currents. The temperature of the water on Lanzarote’s coasts ranges between 17 and 24 ºC on the surface, making for a very pleasant diving experience. Just off the coast of Puerto del Carmen is an underwater cliff that plummets three kilometres down: a giant vertical wall that has the advantage of being within easy reach from land. Some of the most noteworthy diving areas include La Catedral, a cathedral-like cave that delves into the ocean wall forming a volcanic dome of majestic dimensions; the Orange Coral the area is teeming with; the tunnel of volcanic lava known as the Blue Hole, which hides a number of caves and is draped with vegetation; not to mention the sunken remains of old shipwrecks.

Image of the famous grouper Felix
Map of Recommended Places to Dive


A World Under Water
For visitors with a passion for scuba diving or simply a thirst for adventure, get ready to breathe under water because Lanzarote’s sea life has been declared a Biosphere Reserve, offering an amazing deep sea experience. Every corner of the island inspires peaceful reflection, but the calm, warm waters of Puerto del Carmen are a haven for those seeking to dissolve their worries in an ocean of tranquillity or float along on a current of peace and harmony. But it also has plenty to offer those in search of fun and new experiences under the sea. That’s why Puerto del Carmen is not just a unique natural enclave, but a modern holiday destination with everything you could ask for, where fun is guaranteed.

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