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The first written record of Conil dates back to 1618, when the scribe Teguise described it as a land of some 50 acres ready to be sown. However, since then, the area suffered greatly from the eruptions of Timanfaya in 1730. When the volcano erupted, the tiny village of Conil, with only 17 inhabitants at the time, was buried under a layer of sand and tephra.

Curious facts

To the north-east, in Morro de Conil, many of the sets were designed for the film ‘Mararía’ (by Antonio José Betancort, 1998), based on the novel of the same name by Rafael Arozarena. These sets represented another town in Lanzarote named Femés, where the story took place. Still standing are a number of old colonial-style mansions dotted across Conil’s countryside, such as Casa Pereyra, a famous winery mansion.

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