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  • Sendero Turismo Conil - Montaña negra Junio 2018
    (Español) Fecha: Sábado, 19 de mayo de 2.018 Hora: 10:00 Lugar: Playa Grande en Puerto del Carmen Organiza: European Sport Destination, Sailfish, Sand Beach Active Colabora: Concejalía de Deportes del Ayuntamiento de Tías Registro online: lanzaroteopenwater.com Descripción: El 19 de mayo de 2018 ha sido la fecha elegida para celebrar por todo lo alto la tercera edición del Sailfish Lanzarote Open Water. Tras el éxito organizativo los años anteriores , esta nueva edición vuelve con el fin de consolidarse como una de las mejores travesías a nado de la islas canarias. Todo ello tendrá lugar en un escenario acuático único: las tranquilas y transparentes aguas de Playa Grande, en Puerto Del Carmen. Esperamos dar acogida en este circuito de competición tanto a nadadores locales como internacionales, ya sean aficionados o profesionales del deporte. Pretendemos ofrecer así una prueba de natación de categoría y ajustada a todos los perfiles.
    Carnival is one of the most important and popular celebrations in Puerto del Carmen. A joyful annual event with a parade of fascinating floats where all the participants and many spectators wear inventive and colourful costumes that guarantee great fun for young and old. If you are looking for some serious fun, come and join us! It is brought to the attention of all individuals, professionals and companies of the public passenger transport service that operate in the Municipal Term of Tías, which on the occasion of the COSO CARNAVALERO, which will take place next Saturday, February 17 of the current year. At 5:00 p.m., the traffic will be affected in the following way: CORTE DE TRÁFICO CARNAVAL 2018-a CORTE DE TRÁFICO CARNAVAL 2018-b RECORRIDO BUS REGULAR Y PARADAS DE TAXI 14H-17H RECORRIDO BUS REGULAR Y PARADAS DE TAXI 17H-23H
    On the 17th March we celebrate Saint Patrick’s day, the patron saint of Ireland. This party is celebrated in style, with Irish music, typical beer, and the colour green covering the streets in Puerto del Carmen. Enjoy a party where the Irish, residents and tourists come together to celebrate this unforgettable day. https://youtu.be/LqHTtOSQHBA
    Puerto del Carmen is host to one of the biggest sporting events in Lanzarote. Thousands of sportsmen and women from all over the world come to Puerto del Carmen to turn into ironmen and women, and participate in one of the hardest endurance tests in the world. Don’t miss it.
    The Feast of Our Lady of Carmen is held in La Tiñosa, in the Old Town. This is when Canarian tradition and party-time combine, offering children's entertainment, shows, local food and drink stalls and traditional sea and land processions to honour Our Lady of Carmen.
    The holiday atmosphere officially arrives when the festive Christmas lights and decorations appear throughout Puerto del Carmen. Puerto del Carmen is the ideal location for such a special time of year, with our popular Santa Claus parade, concerts and a large fireworks display to welcome in the New Year. These will be followed by The three Wise Kings parade in January.  Download Events Program

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